Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

MoneyManager update

Today we are announcing that a very often feature for MoneyManager will be available within the next three weeks: Multiple account management

We are working on that to provide you the best experience of money tracking apps on your android phone. Stay tuned - we will inform you if we had news.


  1. Widget has a delay in updating the total from the register of several hours.

  2. The app, in some cases, does not sort correctly by date. For instance, 1.8.2010 is between 31.7.2010 and 30.7.2010, that is,
    31.7.2010 cash1
    1.8.2010 cash2
    30.7.2010 cash3
    Apart from that, I've updated, through the market, the app more than 5 times, and I always get MoneyManager 2.5.