Sonntag, 27. September 2009

New name and logo

Hello out there,

we are currently looking for a new name and logo for "MoneyManager 2.0". The new version is very different to the actual MoneyManager, so we decided to bring it as a new application with a new name.

If you have an idea for a new name and/or logo please send us via email with the subject "New MoneyManager" at swordiApps ]AT[ gmail DOT com.

If we choose your ideas, you will get a free version of the new MoneyManager PRO edition. We hope we will get some cool emails.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

New update

We updated MoneyManager today and bring some cool new features to it.
First you have the possibility to show your account balance at the home screen by adding the MoneyManager widget. Go to your home screen and long press at free space. At the popup choose MoneyManager / MoneyManager Pro to add the widget. Now you can see your account balance at the start screen. Simply open the application by clicking on it.

Second you can now rename and delete categories. Press menu at the applications main screen and choose Categories. At the category overview just click on one and choose from the submenu ( rename or delete ). Be carefull: Deleting a category will delete all entries according to this category too.

We hope you like this new features. This will be the last "big" update before we launch MoneyManager 2.0.

Dienstag, 22. September 2009

Amazing download statistics

Last night MoneyManager gets its 30 000th download. We think that is an amazing number. Thanks to all of our users and thanks for all the great feedback mails and messages.

To celebrate this milestone we reduced the price of MoneyManager Pro to 50 cent for one week. Check it out and buy the ads free version.

The Beta of "MoneyManager 2.0" will be starting at the first week of october and we hope to get good feedback :)

Enjoy this milestone with us and take a look at MoneyManager in a few days.

Montag, 7. September 2009

We need BETA tester


we are looking for some BETA testers for "MoneyManager 2.0". If you would like to test the new version before all others and can provide us some usage information, please send an email with the subject "MM BETA" to swordiApps [AT] gmail DOT com.

You will get the software from us at the end of september or first part of october.

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Next Version

Hello there,

we are currently working hard on the next version of "MoneyManager". Its project name is "MoneyManager 2.0" but we are looking for a new name and a new logo. If you have any suggenstions please send us an email. ( swordiApps AT gmail DOT com )

You can also send us suggestions about the feature set of MoneyManager 2.0. We try to implement all cool features to get the best money tracking app in the android universe.

So, please don't be afraid and send us your suggestions for MoneyManager 2.0