Montag, 29. Juni 2009

First screenshots of version 1.9

Before we put out the big update 2.0 we will bringt some improvements to you with version 1.9. The update include following changes:

  • Spanish UI
  • Category management ( make categories invisble )
  • Better filtering to see interesting entries
  • Possibility to add a note to every entry
  • Pro version without adds
Version 1.9 will be available on the android market later this week. Here are the first screenshots:


  1. are there any plans to allow for exporting of input data? maybe as simple output such as text or CSV ?

  2. Great app. Do you have any plans to support more currencies? And multiple currencies can be used at the same time?

  3. hey thanks for your response

    we are currently in the planning period for MoneyManager 2.0

    It will be a new app with extended features ;)

    One of the features will be exporting but we don't know at the moment in which way.

    which currencies do you want to be in the app?

  4. It would be better if you have Chinese yuan (CNY) in the app :)

  5. ok

    we will put CNY into the next version.

  6. hi guys, well done with the application, very straightforward and useful. can you guys add SGD in your next version? A++

  7. hey tanks for your post.

    we will add sgd in the next update.